Fuse Shower Infuser


Activate your water with the hai fuse. Infuse vitamin-rich formulas directly into your water stream with this easy add-on, perfect for any handheld shower.

An extension to the hai smart shower head system, the fuse attachment effectively distributes hai infusions (and other hair, skin, and body products) directly through your shower's water stream. The ultimate tool for your best personal care rituals.

About hai :
Your daily shower, reimagined. Hai knows that the shower is personal. That’s why they designed a shower as unique as you, tailored to your preferences. Fueled by smart technology, thoughtful design, and a deep commitment to sustainability, they are revolutionizing wellness through water. More than a product, Hai is a movement to help you understand your own environmental impact. The Hai community has saved nearly 400k gallons of water, and counting, and their users have committed to saving 30% more water versus the average showerer. Join the Hai revolution!
Why we 🤍 them:
I am obsessed with Hai because not only did they create a product that makes me feel like I go to a spa everyday, but they are deeply committed to protecting the planet in the process. They designed the product to match your personal style (such fun colors!), and keep track of your own environmental impact. The efficiency of the product itself can actually offset its own carbon footprint over its lifetime, they offset all carbon from shipping impact, and even package their infusions in 100% water-dissolvable wrappers! We spend so much of our lives in the shower (around 156,000 minutes!), and a lot of us view this as our “me time.” So why not make this the most luxurious experience we possibly can?
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