Fringe Food Co.

Adaptogenic Protein Bar


The protein bar that has it all!

Check out the amazing Fringe flavors:

Coconut Cashew: Creamy cashews blended with fresh coconut create a mouth watering taste and texture. Loaded with balancing adaptogens, energizing superfoods, and restorative plant based protein, you will be primed for your next session.
Chocolate Almond Butter: A decadent balance of rich chocolate and smooth almond butter make each bite taste like dessert. Made with organic 100% raw cacao, and sweetened only with dates, this is the most wholesome treat you have ever tasted.
Mango Hemp: Bursting with juicy mango and balanced with buttery hemp seed, biting into this tropical adventure just may blow your mind. But don’t worry, it's packed full of functional mushrooms and plant based nutrition to keep your mind and body aligned. This bad boy is as satisfying as it is satiating.
Variety:You can have it all! Three epic flavors, each loaded with functional real food ingredients, conveniently bundled to keep you charging all day long. You’ll have something for everyone in the crew, or keep them all for yourself.


  • Free of: Artificial sweeteners & flavors, preservatives, added sugar, gluten, soy, dairy, seed oils, bad vibes.
  • 15 grams of protein
  • Sweetened by dates
About Fringe Food Co. :
Functional food, epic taste. Fringe is on a mission to redefine what packaged food should be, with an understanding that what we put into our bodies is so important when it comes to energy, gut health, longevity, mental clarity, and overall well-being. Clean, real food ingredients, none of the hidden junk, and all wrapped in good vibes. Packed with adaptogenic mushrooms, plant based protein, and superfoods, Fringe Bars are designed to fuel your adventure and keep you charging. Whether you’re a surfer, van lifer, or lover of life in any form, they welcome you to join in on the journey, and find your Fringe!
Why we 🤍 them:
We love Fringe, meaning “an area, far outside the mainstream, where true adventure lies” and “to be radically unconventional, ambitious, and unique”, because of their belief that we should not be settling for the old school packaged food system. These protein bars are meant to impact both your mind and your body, and are packed with adaptogens and nootropics meant to help sustain you holistically. They also have a strong belief in environmental and societal missions. They are part of 1% for the planet, and work with many different nonprofits such as Save the Waves Coalition, who works to protect marine ecosystems around the globe, Surfrider Foundation, DE Center for Inland Bays, and more. Education is also extremely important to Fringe, focusing on ocean pollution and the massive amount of toxic plastics in our ocean. They work to emphasize responsible ways for people to take action and make a real difference with their choices.
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