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Get in shape now and start your fitness journey with one of the top fitness apps available. Get results in as little as 6 weeks of fitness, strength training and weight loss.

With FizzUp Premium you get access to over 200 workout programs, FizzUp's custom workout builder with and a large catalogue of 1500 video-demonstrated single workouts. The full list of recipes and meal planner are also included!

Thanks to FizzUp, you can train at home, the workouts are short and you don’t need any equipment! Adopt a new healthy and mindful lifestyle with our 6-week programs, training for only 20 minutes a day. Perfect for getting into shape and becoming the best version of yourself! The app includes a training and meal plan dedicated to achieving your goal.

FizzUp is compatible with Health to track your workouts in the app.

87% of users get measurable results in less than 6 weeks with FizzUp. Over 6 million users have already been convinced by FizzUp coaching!

About FizzUp:
Since the creation in 2011 in Alsace, France, FizzUp has tried to stray from what we see as negative aspects of modern fitness (guilt, body-shaming, cults) and focus solely on making fitness enhance people’s lives. By staying an authentic, close-knit, independent, and self-financed company, they’ve brought together 10 million users across 130 countries and 13 languages.
Why we 🤍 them:
FizzUp is a French company, which we love! They strive for perfect equality between men and women (it’s 2 women who actually run the company), equal salary, respecting providers, all with a strong agenda to protect the environment!
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