Evolution Hoodie - Recycled Coffee Grounds (Oatmeal)


COALATREE EvolutionHoodie_Size

As one of Coalatree’s most innovative products to date, the Evolution Hoodie has over 20 features for everyday wear, plus travel and adventure! 

  • Secure zippered pockets to store your wallet, phone, or other valuables. 
  • Dries ultra-fast due to the microscopic pores.
  • Odor resistant thanks to coffee’s natural odor-absorbing abilities.
  • Unmatched sustainability. 

Spent coffee grounds are melted down with recycled plastic bottles to create the fibers, with each hoodie containing at least three cups of recycled coffee grounds, and 10 recycled plastic bottles.

About Coalatree :
Coalatree designs eco-minded gear and apparel for the adventurer in everyone, from athletes and photographers to your average city folks and weekend warriors. It’s Coalatree's passion to bring elements of the outdoors and the city life together. Whether you’re summiting the tallest peaks or lounging around town with friends, Coalatree's products are practical, stylish, and functional. Being ready for anything is what they are all about.
Why we 🤍 them:
We love Coalatree because they make it easy and exciting to connect to the great outdoors. Their beautifully patterned blankets, hammocks, apparel, and accessories are made from innovative and sustainable materials. Check out their hoodie made from recycled coffee grounds!
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