Ananday Cork Massage Ball Set


You’re going to love this 100% renewable Cork Massage Ball Set for acupressure and soothing self massage. Roll hands, feet, legs, shoulders, glutes, or anywhere you feel muscle tension. Massage before yoga to wake up the body, during practice to deepen, or afterwards to release tightness. Using your body's weight to roll out with a cork ball activates the meridians, or energy channels, of your body. Use two balls together in the mesh bag as a peanut massager or separately for more focused application. Acupressure is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique to move and balance energy. Self-acupressure is a powerful way to mindfully connect with your body.

1 ball = 1 tree planted

About Ananday :
Ananday makes sustainable yoga and pilates essentials designed to support your body + our planet. Ananday products are plastic-free, biodegradable and easily recyclable (including the packaging!) They plant trees for every item sold, and offset over 100% of their carbon footprint. Ananday believes that sustainability starts within, and that caring for yourself — body and breath — ripples out. You can find solace in knowing that Ananday is Climate Neutral Certified, partners with Trees For The Future, and gives back for every purchase.
Why we 🤍 them:
We love Ananday because they are as equally passionate about creating beautiful yoga essentials, as they are about promoting environmental and social justice. Trees are planted with every product sold, all items are 100% biodegradable, they practice regenerative agriculture, and they have a long list of anti-racism resources and materials readily available. What don’t they do?!
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