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Copper Frying Pan 9”


A cooking staple to suit all your frying needs.

Made of hand-hammered copper, the 9” fry pan offers a combination of strength and delicate craftsmanship.

A cast bronze handle is riveted to the side of the copper fry pan, guaranteeing you a secure way to flip, toss, and serve your meals. This copper cookware pan features a double layer of tin lining. Applied by hand by artisans, these protective layers of tin keep your fry pan from wearing out and preserve each meal’s flavor profile all throughout the cooking process.

About Copper Kitchen Store :
Copper Kitchen Store is owned by the Amoretti Brothers who have been in the business of manufacturing quality copper kitchenware since 2006. All Copper Kitchen pieces use Italian design philosophy and Mexican craftsmanship, making products that balance both functionality and art. The Copper Kitchen workshop was built from recycled materials in line with their eco-friendly business practices. Copper Kitchen infuses sustainability into each product they create.
Why we 🤍 them:
We love Copper Kitchen Store because they make the most stunningly gorgeous additions to any kitchen. Their products really do double as both cooking utensils and beautiful statement centerpieces. We love the Amoretti Brothers’ philosophy around not just creating products that list for generations, but a company who believes in environmental and social good. The products are made from recycled copper, and they stand behind social progress that benefits not only their employees, but their families in a meaningful way.
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