Cuccio Somatology

Cooling Spot Temple Therapy with Peppermint


Awaken your senses with this cooling peppermint temple rub designed to reinvigorate and restore clarity. 

The Yogahhh! Cooling Spot Therapy helps you find more mental focus, calm and clarity, while resetting your entire mind, body & soul.

Made with essential oils and natural ingredients

About Cuccio Somatology :
Celebrity yoga instructor and licensed esthetician Danielle Cuccio learned all about the value of achieving balance in one’s personal and professional life and the effects it had on one’s skin and overall glow. This became the foundation for the creation of Cuccio Somatology — a multi-faceted approach to the study of the body and the development of inner and outer beauty through wellness and self-care. Representing a new approach to health and wellness through full body awareness, Cuccio’s products are formulated with the finest ingredients and a unique awareness of the importance of mind, body and spirit to help you achieve balance and tranquility in your life.
Why we 🤍 them:
I love Cuccio Somatology because they understand that true well-being comes from full body awareness of mind, body, and spirit. Their products are manufactured in a “Green Lab” with over 2k solar panels, which supplies between 80-100% of energy each week, and creates a much smaller carbon footprint. The smell of their products also immediately makes me feel like I’m relaxing in a spa! I’m also a huge personal fan of the founder’s (Danielle Cuccio) yoga and dance classes - her energy and spirits are absolutely unparalleled.
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