Citravarin Fasting Mints


TEMPER Citravarin Fasting Mints_Size

Made with Citravarin to support your intermittent fasting practice.

  • Easy-dissolve mints 
  • 31 servings per pack
About Temper :
Temper makes products to help improve your metabolic health, stop food cravings, and reach your fasting goals faster. Fasting is uncomfortable, but the incredible scientifically backed ingredient, Citravarin (a rare cannabinoid), stops cravings before they start by blocking the signals that cause cravings. They are 100% naturally powerful, drug-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free, hormone-free, and non-habit forming.
Why we 🤍 them:
I love Temper because of their extraordinary unique formula they’ve created to help make fasting comfortable and actually beneficial for you and your body. They taught me that fasting is not only for weight loss, but also activates your body's natural power to repair itself, reduces chronic inflammation, helps clear your skin, and much more. Their app also allows users to track how their food makes them feel to find the right lifestyle, offers daily journaling to track and pace with your goals, and gives direct communication with a coach via video chat or messaging.
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