Circles Coffee

Circles Coffee


The Sun Cycle Blend is a medium-dark coffee that has flavor notes of chocolate and toffee. It consists of 100% ground arabica coffee from Ethiopia, Costa Rica and Papua New Guinea, and of course utilizes the Circles compostable filter.

Circles Coffee is roasted by 20+ years Master Roasters who worked for Equator Coffee and currently supplies coffee to Michelin Star Restaurants and Specialty Coffee Stores in the San Francisco Bay Area

Includes 14 servings of single serve pour over

Flavor: Medium/Dark

About Circles Coffee :
Circles Coffee is a team of Q-graders, roasters, and baristas who aim to simplify the best tasting coffee ritual for both enthusiasts and coffee lovers. All you need is hot water to make barista quality, small batch speciality pour over, to brew a great mug on the fly! Lastly, you can feel good about the fact that Circles uses compostable and BPI certified materials and filters, so no need to worry about the leftover agrochemicals and risky compounds found in paper filters.
Why we 🤍 them:
I love Circles Coffee because it’s never been easier to make a smooth, delicious cup of pour over for the morning. No more measuring out tablespoons, or spilling coffee grounds all over the counter. With all the concern around microplastics, I can also rest assured knowing that the filter is made of compostable materials. They’re also perfect to take on the go, whether you’re camping, heading out of town for the weekend, or just want to have a hassle-free way to make your coffee at the office!
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