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Brainstorm Chocolates


A mouthwatering chocolate bite for a clean boost of energy, focus, and clarity without the crash.

For when your morning beverage has worn off and your focus is waning, but the clock says there’s more day to seize. Your classic options won’t do the trick: too jittery, too weak or too bright green. So Alice invented Brainstorm, a smooth flow of mid-day renewal and energy in the form of a sumptuous, all-natural chocolate bite.

Each bite of Brainstorm is formulated to boost long-term cognitive function while also delivering an immediate boost to focus and energy levels.

The long term benefits come from their functional mushrooms. Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps are felt over time — not instantly. When incorporated into a daily routine, the mushrooms’ nutrients compound in your body and become more effective (and noticeable) with sustained use.

But they also know that nothing beats instant gratification. That’s why they've added Guarana and Phosphaditylserine to their formula. Guarana is a caffeinated Brazilian berry that provides a smooth flow of energy, and Phosphaditylserine is a fatty acid that improves alertness, reaction time, thinking speed, and focus throughout the day. Each square contains 66mg of natural caffeine which is equivalent to ⅔ cup of coffee.

About Alice Mushrooms :
Alice is your trusted guide for mushroom exploration, spreading the power of mushrooms in the most delightful ways possible. Alice was born out of a desire to give people what neither the pharmaceutical industry nor supplements have provided: safe, effective consumables that pair long-term benefits with immediate boosts to cognitive functioning. After spending two years working with homeopathic doctors, teams of formulators and chocolatiers to create something powerful and delicious, these decadent chocolates are part of a wellness routine that you can look forward to each day.
Why we 🤍 them:
We love Alice Mushrooms because they understand that there doesn’t need to be a gap between natural and holistic ingredients, and an immediate positive effect. Not to mention, the chocolates are truly delicious! Alice Mushrooms is passionate about the potential for using mushrooms to help people heal throughout their everyday lives as well. In this vein, they donate a portion of profits to The Hope Project, and are founding members of the Microdosing Collective, both advocating for access to psychedelic support and research. But it doesn’t stop there - they plant a tree with every order, use recycled cardboard, and organic ingredients. And not to worry, these aren’t mushrooms with any psychedelic properties.
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