Want a natural, clean, toxin-free, plant-based way to build your skin, hair and nails or satisfy hunger without cooking, cleaning or calories? BEAUTYbits® spirulina tablets are the beauty ingestible that nourishes your beauty and body from the inside with 100% nutrition. The high protein (3x steak), high chlorophyll (1,000x greens), high antioxidants, essential fatty acids and forty vitamins/minerals help build your skin, hair and nails, prevent wrinkles/blemishes, reduce inflammation, stop cravings, satisfy hunger and increase energy. All this and more from just one ingredient and one calorie per tablet.

Deciding between the Large Bag or the Large Canister? Here's some info to help you choose which product is right for you:

  • Large Canisters contain a Large Bag so when the tablets run out, you can simply purchase another bag to refill the canister.
  • Large Canisters are intended only to be purchased once and then refilled with bags after that (whereas the bags should be discarded after the tablets run out).
  • Each Large Canister also contains a small round travel tin that allows you to fill up the tin and carry up to 5-days amount of tablets.
About ENERGYbits :
ENERGYbits® is a Boston-based company whose algae tablets are the fastest, easiest, most convenient and nutritionally-dense, plant-based way to nourish your body, improve your energy and protect your wellness and beauty.
Why we 🤍 them:
Maavee founder, Frank, here. So, I met Catharine Arnston, founder of ENERGYBits at the Global Wellness Summit in 2021. It is an understatement to sat that I was blow away by the passion, science, and data that she presented regarding the benefits of algae. Quite literally, from that moment forward, I have been "popping" algae like candy. And the best part is that I actually find joy in taking the tablets 4-6 times each day. For me, it's a reminder that I am doing something incredible for my body from the inside out!
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