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Darjeeling Tea + Infuser Bundle


Darjeeling Two-Pack + Infuser

This duo includes two varieties of Darjeeling tea and a stainless steel infuser. Darjeeling tea is also known as the Champagne of tea. Grown at altitude, Darjeeling teas are not as robust as those from Assam, and instead brew a delicate, floral tea.

Darjeeling Second Flush (100 grams): Harvested in the second picking of the year, these leaves are more full-bodied than its first flush counterpart. Yet they still retain that quintessential floral taste unique to Darjeeling tea, which comes from the unique terroir of this Himalayan region.

Darjeeling Green Tea (100 grams): A unique offering, Darjeeling Green has not been oxidized like its counterpart, Darjeeling Second Flush, and thus it retains its green color and is dried and rolled shortly after being harvested. This fragrant, aromatic Green tea is light, refreshing, and nutty.

About Alaya Tea :
Alaya Tea is an Indian, women-owned loose leaf tea company that sources teas directly from people and planet-friendly farms in India. The name comes from “Himalaya,” a region where some of the finest teas grow, and thus inspired the creation of Alaya Tea. After traveling in the Himalayan region, visiting small farmers and tea estates, the founders were keen to build a company that respects these communities, and is addressing the environmental challenges we face through agriculture.
Why we 🤍 them:
We love Alaya Tea because they celebrate the beauty of women as the backbone of agriculture and tea growing regions in communities around the world. They use completely compostable & biodegradable packaging, and use regenerative farming techniques to offer a plastic and nylon free alternative to truly delicious tea.
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