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Audio and Video Fitness Workouts
Aaptiv gives you access to 6,000+ classes and a variety of workouts including cardio, strength-training, balance, flexibility, yoga and meditation. With Aaptiv you can workout with or without fitness equipment, in the comfort of your home, outdoors, or in the gym all using your smartphone or Apple Watch®. Aaptiv makes fitness and better health a way of life.

Join over 200,000 happy members: share sweaty selfies, show support with confetti, and connect with Team Aaptiv, right in the app.
Join programs tailored to your fitness goals: multi-week plans for weight loss, race training, flexibility, maternity, and more.
Make workout boredom a thing of the past: stay inspired with unlimited access to thousands of workouts for whatever gets you moving — plus new ones every week.
Expert trainers guide you through every workout: Aaptiv trainers give you techniques, tips, and encouragement for real results at any level.
Move to the music you love: tired of the same old playlist? Hear fresh hits and classic tracks in every genre, perfectly paced to your workout.

About Aaptiv:
Aaptiv was founded to make personalized fitness instruction available to everyone, not just the few who can afford their own trainer. Today, Aaptiv helps people feel the joy of moving their bodies, the satisfaction of completing a workout, the thrill of beating a personal best, and the health benefits of fitness.
Why we 🤍 them:
Aaptiv has a broad spectrum of content -- from stretching and yoga, to running and cardio, to strength training. They have built a family of trainers that represent the diversity of their members and the world in which we live. Oh yeah, and we love their music!
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