Humanium Watch


Time For Peace

This unique Humanium Metal watch is made from destructed illegal firearms, with the aim to highlight the issues of gun related violence. The watch is developed with their deepest respect to the material and is filled with symbolic references to the cause.

For every watch sold, they give back 15% to conflict torn societies and victims of armed violence. So far they have been able to donate over $200,000 to the cause.

Carbon footprint: (Calculated and certified using the 2030 calculator by Doconomy.)
Case 1.66 + Strap 0.3 + Battery 0.35 = Total KG CO2e 2.31

About TRIWA :
It’s time for change. For a long time, watches have been associated with status and tradition. At TRIWA (Transforming the Industry of Watches,) they want to use the symbolic value and placement of the watch for something more relevant and create modern statement symbols instead of traditional status symbols. TRIWA is constantly pushing the boundaries with materials like recycled ocean plastic and destructed illegal weapons, creating meaningful pieces to spark important conversations. They design watches with stories that transcend style, trend, and style, in the hope of highlighting important issues of our time. They work with innovative materials, organizations and ambassadors that care about making the world a little better.
Why we 🤍 them:
There are truly so many reasons to love TRIWA beyond the fact that their watches are stunning pieces of art. Upon discovering TRIWA, I was blown away by the sheer demonstration and commitment to both societal and environmental impact. Each watch clearly states the exact carbon footprint split by materials, packaging, energy, and transportation. They use the 2030 Doconomy calculator for this calculation as the first step in helping both Triwa and their customers better understand how we impact the planet. Their collections are not just based on trend and style, but on incredibly impactful movements going on throughout the world. The Time for Oceans collection was the world’s first watch made of Recycled Ocean Plastic, with both the case and the strap being made from recycled ocean plastic. Their Time for Power collection donates 10% of each watch sold to Girl Up to fight gender inequality and empower girls into becoming confident women. Time for Peace is made from melted down illegal firearms confiscated by local authorities in conflict-torn areas. They also give back 15% of these sales to support victims of armed violence. And that’s really just the beginning.
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